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What you eat and how much physical activity you get can affect your physical and mental health and your relationships.  Our licensed dietitian can do a nutritional assessment.  She also is certified in intuitive eating.

Our licensed counselors can help you learn relaxation techniques.  Relaxation can help you lower your stress levels and help you cope with anxiety or stressful situations.  They are easy to learn but often you need practice to have them become a natural part of your lifestyle.

Massage therapy has a lot of health benefits.  Massage has long been part of a variety of cultures around the world.  People use massage therapy for relaxation, pain management, reducing stress, managing stress and anxiety, and general overall wellness. 

We offer a variety of wellness services


Advising individuals on appropriate nutritional intake by integrating information.

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Intuitive Eating

Evaluation to determine your appropriate nutritional needs and intake.

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Helping to reduce your stress or anxiety levels or gain confidence in an uncomfortable situation. 

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Massage Therapy

Massage has been utilized around the world for centuries in a variety of different cultures. 

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