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Massage Therapy

You can experience so many benefits from massage therapy.  Massage has been utilized around the world for centuries in a variety of different cultures. 

Benefits of massage:

  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Management of Chronic Pain

Types of Massage:

  • Swedish - Most common type.  Involves soft, long, smoothing strokes on the top layer of muscles.
  • Deep Tissue - Good for painful, trouble spots in the body.  Slow, deliberate strokes with focused pressure on muscles, tendons and deep tissue.  Helps with chronic, painful areas or muscle injuries. 
  • Sports Massage - Helps athletes in training before, during, and after a sporting event.  Helps promote flexibility or prevent or treat injuries. 
  • Hot Stone - Placing hot stones on pressure points in the body.  Used along with other massage techniques.  Transmits deep heat into the body. 
  • Reflexology - Uses hand and finger pressure onto certain areas of the feet.  These pressure points correspond to other areas of the body.  Combined with other massage techniques.
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