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Thank you for visiting my website!  I created Coastal Synergy with one vision in mind-Emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness.  As a counselor, I hear every day the struggle to maintain one’s mental health in our everchanging society.  What people are often missing is a balanced approach to wellness.  Tendency is to over-focus on one area of health and neglect the other.  To start to achieve Synergy, you must acknowledge all areas: Mind, Body, and Spirituality.

What does this really mean?

People often seek counseling as a last resort.  Seeing a counselor should be seen as routine as visiting your doctor of dentist.  Take care of your mental health! Let us help you recognize areas of improvement needed and teach you essential skills.

Maintain your body through exercise, healthy eating, good sleep, nutritional supplements etc.  Don’t expect to have a sharp, focused mind if you aren’t doing these things.  Lacking in these areas will lead to mental health issues.

Learn relaxation and other techniques to help reduce day to day stress.

Use holistic treatments, such as essential oils, supplements, massage, detoxification, Stem Cell Regeneration and more.

As a Christian, I believe you will always be missing something if you don’t address the need of humans for spirituality.

I hope that you understand my vision when creating Coastal Synergy and hope that I can join you in your adventure to healing.

Thanks for visiting!

Shana Hisaw, Owner 

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