Insurances Accepted


Medicaid-(Traditional, Driscoll, Superior, BCBS)

Tricare East



Compsych (EAP and Commercial)

American Behavioral


United Healthcare

Group and Pensions Administrators (GPA)

Medicare (this is only accepted by our LCSW)

Self-Pay Rates

LPC/LCSW rates: Self-pay rate $120 initial session $90 for a 50 minute session

LPC-Associate:  $65 per session  (An LPC Associate is temporarily licensed and working towards full licensure.  They are supervised by an LPC-Supervisor)

Marriage Counseling $150 per 80 minute session

Group Therapy $25 for each session; times vary per type of group

Classes-Vary per type of group

Psychological Assessment(Testing): 

Self Pay: $150 for the initial interview.  After that it will be based on what you are wanting testing for and how long it takes to administer and interpret those reports.

Insurance: Coverage based on insurance.   Copay will apply to evaluation, testing and interpretation.

LPC Supervision:
$ 65 per week, $40 for group (when available).  In person and online supervision available anywhere in Texas

Play Attention Neurofeedback Program:

Self Pay $50 per 30 minute session or $120 for program plus 20 minutes counseling.

Insurance generally covers the program.

Other Fees:

$50 per letter   Counselor will want to visit with you a few sessions to verify eligibility prior to agreeing to issue a letter

No Show Fee:  If you do not cancel at least  1 hour prior to your visit you will be charged the full cost of whatever service you are booked for.  This will be billed automatically to the card on file.

Late Cancel Fee:  If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your visit, you will be charged $50.  This will be billed automatically to your card on file.

Court:  We do not accept court cases, outside of foster care children.  If you subpoena a therapist, you will be charged $1500 for court preparation and $600 for each 4 hour increment required to be in the court.

Phone Calls:  We encourage you to save your questions for the session.  Should a therapist be required to speak to you for more than 5 minutes, you will be charged for a session and copays will apply.  Remember, you can always request an emergency phone or telehealth question.

Returned Checks: $25

Letters:  If you need a detailed letter, please speak to your therapist.  Letters are charged at a flat rate of $25.

Emotional Support Animal Letter:  $50

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