Stem Cell Regeneration

Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy – Service provided by Whole Life Wellness

Experience the Power of Regeneration

Stem Cells – Your Body’s Personal Repair Kit-Stem cells are your body’s natural internal repair system. They are the very foundation cells of our bodies and they have the ability to repair injured tissue and replace lost cells on a daily basis.

Be Younger and Stronger for Longer – Human Umbilical Cord (HUC) Stem Cells are specialized cells that are able to receive signals from the other cells in your body. Stem cells then seek out inflammation and degeneration and go to that location to begin repairing tissue. Stem cells have been shown to help repair muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons. Research has indicated that stem cells can benefit a wide variety of health complications and may assist in individuals living stronger, healthier lives.

To receive a consultation, you can call our office or download the consultation form and email to us or to Whole Life Alpine.  A Physician with Whole Life Wellness will review your information and make a recommendation for treatment.

Service available in our building through Whole Life Wellness.

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