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Welcome to Coastal Synergy Associates

Welcome to Coastal Synergy Associates.  Thank you for visiting our website! What is Synergy you ask?  Synergy is the cooperation of two or more agents to produce a sum effect greater than their separate effects.  In other words, different elements working together.  We believe your mind, body, and soul must all be taken care of if you want to achieve positive changes.  If you are ready and willing to make changes, you have come to the right place.  We want you to have Synergy!!  Live life to the fullest, achieve your goals, and be happy! We offer a variety of services.  Whether you are seeking help for stress, anxiety, interpersonal relationship issues, depression, or your health, we want to help you.  You are not alone in this, especially with today’s fast paced, technologically-advanced society.  Our professional staff is here to help. We are located in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas.  We serve residents of Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities.  We also offer online counseling to anyone who resides in Texas!!


Advising individuals on appropriate nutritional intake by integrating information from the nutrition assessment with information on food and other sources of nutrients...

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We Offer Individual Counseling for Children or Adults, Ages 4 to 99 as well as Couples, Family, Pre-Marital, Career, and Online Counseling services.

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Case Management

Check back soon to learn more about our unique case management services that will help you and your family find peace of mind during trying times.

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About Coastal Synergy Associates

We formed this group with a vision to help others succeed personally in all areas of their life! Our goal is to provide you with a variety of services that will meet the need of your overall well-being, mind, body and soul. We are a group of licensed professionals with multiple years of experience in a variety of fields. Each member has a different specialty with a different therapeutic approach. They are licensed in the state of Texas to provide services. We are founded upon Christian beliefs. We will be adding more services soon, so check back often ...Read more

Coastal Synergy Associates

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