Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing is the administration of standardized tests to gain insight into behavior. Generally testing covers three areas, behaviors, personality and intelligence. Oftentimes, testing is administered as a way to confirm a diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan for the client, whether for therapy, school or for the physician.

We currently are testing for the following areas:

Attention Deficits

  • Difficulty with attention can be attributed to a variety of issues. Most commonly, we see people
    wanting to confirm a diagnosis of ADHD. Symptoms of ADHD can include inattention, inability
    to retain information, hyperactivity and distractibility. Sometimes it may not be ADHD at all but
    due to an underlying condition such as anxiety or depression or difficulty adjusting to changes.


  • We have varying tests to determine issues with attention Autism Spectrum
  • Autism is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behaviors. It can range
    from mild to severe. Symptoms may include poor social skills, difficulty expressing emotions,
    difficulty understanding other’s feelings, sensory issues, poor eye contact, repeating words or
    phrases and more.
  • Our goal is to test if a client falls on the autism spectrum and look at other behavioral,
    intellectual or developmental issues.

Behavioral/Emotional Issues

  • In childhood and adolescence, we are often presented with a varying degree of emotions and
    behaviors. Oftentimes we want to identify specific disorders, personality issues, and behavioral
  • We use a variety of assessments to look at behaviors, emotions, personality and psychological

Intellectual and Developmental Delays

  • Look at developmental and intellectual disabilities due to delays, issues with brain injuries,
    ADHD, ASD, hearing impairments and more.
  • Establishing a firm diagnosis in developmental and intellectual delays is often necessary for
    special programs.

All testing/assessment issues will vary based on presenting issues conducted during the interview.

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